Feb 29, 2012


Lowside Magazine is a growing organization of like-minded riders and builders, where the focus is equally about riding as it is about building. It seems these days as if the original spirit of motorcycling has been misinterpreted, the point of building a  motorcycle after-all, is to ride. Doug Wall from Lowside Syndicate took a break from terrorizing the streets of Baltimore to tell us a little bit more about himself and Lowside. Most know him better as Speedin' Doug, and there's good reason. Check out the gnarly video below and see for yourself...

First off Doug, tell us a little bit about yourself, what your role is with Lowside and what Lowside is all about.
I'm a four season ripper. I haven't owned a car in five years now. My job at Lowside is "resident street ripper". Lowside is about the do it your self builder. Vintage race bikes, choppers, hot rods, rat rods and everything else fast 

How did Lowside get it's start?
Uhh... probably some natty bohs, a bunch of cigs and a love for motorcycles 

Is Lowside a full-time gig for you or do you still work a 9-5?
Well... Lowside is a full-time gig, but i do work as a bartender five days a week and go to school three days.

When did you first get into motorcycles and/or hot rods?
I think I first got in to bikes around 13 when my neighbor came upon a CB929RR. He took me for a ride on the back one time, the only thing I remember other then being excited was the thrill of speed and no other concern in the world.

What bikes/cars/projects to you have at the moment?
I'm currently working on a 77 KZ1000. It was last rode on the drag strip. I don't  know much about the motor. Its going to be more road race ready then drag race. Should be sick. My daily rider is a 76 CB550 striped down off everything. H.I.D. head light, tach, upgraded brake system and +1 on the front sprocket 

What do you like/enjoy the most about being involved with the bike and hot rod "subculture"? What do you like/enjoy the least?
I like to see what people come up with on their bikes and how they got to the end result. I defiantly hate that in this "subculture" its a bunch of little f*@king guys. I'm kind of chubby, print on a goddamn 2x t-shirt 
(EDITORS NOTE: I'm a big guy, too. Listen to Doug, print your shirts in 2x already)

I know that Lowside has taken over the task of putting on the Timonium show, whats has the experience with that been like?
Oh shit man, it was hell. We had never done anything with this much weight. As soon as we got there Friday morning, It wasn't any big deal. It was just hangin' out talking about bikes, drinkin' beers and selling magazines. 

Keeping with the theme of The Lost Highways, what is your favorite route and bike/car/ etc. to drive to get just "get lost" and why?
It doesn't matter honestly. Baltimore is a great place to ride. The police don't mess with us much, the pot holes will swallow a smart car in a heart beat. Just 20 minutes north of the city is perfect country roads, so it doesn't matter.

Thanks for talking with us Doug, and keep shredding!

Doug sent me this other video to put up as well. The Lowside crew doing what they do, keeping Charm City nervous....


  1. Great post you guys. I love hearing from four season riders! it makes me so happy to know that people out there are still doing it; and not just in California!

  2. Sweet Post! makes me want to play hooky with work and just go for a ride!! HAHA

    1. No joke man, it's 75 and sunny here today, freakin' gorgeous. It's everything I can do not to go drag out the Fairlane and blow some doors off.

  3. I find out about all of the cool shit after I move from MD. love it =(