We write about our machines and we write about our love of these machines. And we labor over these mechanical wonders; for aesthetics and for speed and for performance. But just as we love our machines, we love where these machines take us and we love how they take us. For if it wasn't for the roads that we travel, our pursuits would be fruitless.

By now, you've realized that the name of this site is "The Lost Highways". The three of us never really hashed out why we titled our site this way, and yes, it is certainly a nod to the great Hank Williams, however I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we have set out to travel the lost highways, in and on our machines, and it is our charge to tell their story.

Not that long ago, the interstate system as we know it, did not exist. Road trips were car trips, full of sights and attractions along the way. You've all seen them, the wigwam motels, the drive-ins, the giant waving cowboy statues, the "world's largest" this or that... now run-down or closed up for good. Back then, drive was as much fun as the destination. These ideals have all but quietly been forgotten and woven out of the fabric of our culture, their glory burned out like a fireworks display in the night sky.

Take solace lost highways, dear forgotten roads and rural routes... for we are coming for you. We are coming... with engines roaring and tires burning; with knuckles white and hearts pounding, to once again discover your wonder and to tell your story.

We ARE The Lost Highways.

- Derek M.


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