Feb 20, 2012


20120220-073306.jpgI made my way out to one of my favorite places in the world this weekend. It's an abandoned fishing house and dock out in Poquoson, VA. A wonderful place where life just paused and never again pressed play. Theres a a few boats tied up that have been long forgotten, thousands of oyster shells lining the road, and an white brick building that's slowly sinking into the Chesapeake bay. It's quiet. I could spend hours out there and I have.

We all have these awesome little hide aways that we think are our own. It's funny, they never were. Just a place someone before you discovered and forgot about. We were just the next in line to find them.

Where's your hidden paradise? Where's your get away?






  1. its beautiful... no homo haha... i know exactly what you mean brother! i have a few places like this, different cities, different countries... when I go home to Croatia there are two places that i go to, to escape or clear me head.. I grew up in a town called Zadar. it was once under Italian rule... anyways there was this prince that burried his wife behind his villa. and made a Sphinx statue over her grave to celibrate her life. over the years the villa was abandoned... but the sphinx made it through two world wars and a civil war!!! it sits in the same park still... now with a little graffiti on her but shes still beautiful. not many people chill at the park so its always a great place to sit and think.. or not think... :) and then when i go to the islands there is this one dock that i alwasy go to. the water is clear, really clear.. the little boats look like they are floating on air... its a great place that hasnt been touched with modern technology and polution... kinda hurts to breathe because the air is so clean! i wish there was a way i could send a few pics so you could see what im talking about! as for the Sphinx... try googling it... (Zadar- Sfinga)
    By the way your bike looks killer!!!
    my buddy want to sell me his 99 sportster 1200.... but i dont have the cash hes asking for. if i did id want it to look something like yours!!! absolutely awesome work man!!!

  2. Dude, what an amazing story! It's sad that most people don't have such a rich history like yours. I for one, am defiantly jealous.
    As for the bike, thank you! But the credit goes to my friends. They helped me a ton when it came to choosing parts and getting work done. All in all it doesn't matter what you ride. Just get out there and ride!

  3. hi,
    thanks for these nice pics !!!
    EE, from RFT
    Bikes, Babes, Tattoos and Rock'n'Roll ... Enjoy !