Mar 6, 2012


Boyd Jordan is a 24 year old, self-taught builder/fabricator from Memphis, TN. He saved his '65 Chevy C-10 from certain doom, rescuing it from the hands of an unskilled "chop shop". He tells us that the truck is bagged and has a 5-inch body drop with a lifted bed. The Chevy still gets her power from the 250 c.i. straight six and 3-speed manual, only now with a custom twin stick shifter. In addition, the truck also sports a custom built flame-thrower that'll toast your marshmallows  a full 14ft. from the rear bumper. Aside from the C-10, Boyd's builds also include a cool little mini-chopper, and just days ago he wrapped up a finely executed Harley chop. 

When asked about how he got himself into all of this stuff, Boyd said "Ever since I was a young kid I had love for the rods, the old school, the two wheels, as well as the old,  busted, faded, dirty, rusty greaser life. At 16 after I built a 1975 hearse, my life shaped and formed into a life of nothing but the passion for building and riding. I believe your personal builds should represent you. They should tell people who you are. Your style, your flow. For me that would be old, faded, and worn."

He continues "There is nothing like getting finished with a build and cranking it up and the feeling you get the first time it touches the blacktop. The feeling of going down the highway and getting lost is an amazing feeling. Whether it's two wheels or four. "

"True love is man and machine, bound together by glory, not to be separated by delicate feelings, but only by death do us part" - Boyd Jordan

Boyd, we couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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  1. WOW this is a great piece! Boyd is living the dream... hes younger than me and literraly doing everything i wanted to but didnt have the time or resources to do.. im jealous of him and his toys... but yet soo happy for his success!!! i hope one day to be up there and meet him just so i can shake his hand... possibly share the road with him and later roast some marshmellows! The Lost Highways, you guys picked a hell of a guy to write about... reading this has given me even MORE inspiration to work on my KZ750 LTD. Thank you!