Mar 2, 2012


DJ Kinsley is a true American Craftsman, there are no other words to describe this man's talent. His capabilities range from intricate iron work including doors, hand rails and furniture as well as fabricating and assembling some amazing motorcycles. Wild choppers to custom mini bikes, and all points in between, nothing is out of the realm of possibility with talent like DJ's.

We caught up with DJ to find out a little more about his background and to give us a little insight about himself and his work, here is what he had to say...

"My name is DJ Kinsley, I was born in Redlands, Ca. I lived in Bountiful, Utah until i was 12. I moved to Vegas to restart life with my dad, "the power". I have 3 bikes of my own; an '86 EVO in a Paughco frame with a sweet coffin tank, and a shit load of home made parts. I also have a '77 KZ1000 that I slapped together a few years ago that's pushing 95hp. My last bike is a 1971 CL100 that I hard tailed and painted up with the smallest set of z bars ever.

I own and run a one man business called Kinsley Ornamental Iron in Boulder City, Nevada. I mostly make gates and fence but I specialize in front entry doors for rich people. I have 2 sons Trenton who is 4 and Logan who is 2, and my wife is Stephanie. I ride with Douche LaRouche. I also have 2 dogs; Lucy and Baron Von Munchausen. I like pizza and beer. Recently, I have been doing more motorcycle work than iron work; hard tails, sissy bars, seat pans, and full frame up builds." 

And of course we had to ask him our signature question... 
What's your favorite "lost highway" the route or destination you like to ride just to get lost and get away from life for a while?

"There is a really sweet loop around the out side of Las Vegas called the Red Rock Loop. It isn't the longest road, maybe 20 miles, but the scenery is great. Just watch out for donkeys. Those fellas will kill you if you hit them"

Check out the photos below for some more examples of DJ's fine work:


  1. I love the mini bikes being a mini bike builder myself. The flapper on the rat exhaust is killin! Great work super talent. Keep it up!