Mar 27, 2012


Once again my sportster suffered on account of my curiosity. For the past couple of weeks I have wondered what my bike would look like in a nice flat red. My purple flakey paint job was an old hat. That, and nothing can keep my interest long enough to last any amount of time in my garage. So Friday night I pulled the thing apart and started sanding. By Saturday it was time to start priming and painting. Unfortunately, the shop I had previously used to paint my bike was unavailable and I have yet to invest in a small air compressor. So out came the foam rollers.

It took a hell of a lot longer than spraying and required a ton of sanding. But overall, it worked. The point wasn't to have a perfect paint job. I just wanted to see what it would look like. So yet again I have another ghetto paint job. A five yard faker. Now I just need someone with some patience, that I don't have, to do a nice flat red paint job for me. But that will have to wait. It's too nice this time of year to be without a bike, or anytime for that matter.


  1. looks bad ass!!! throw some slight black details on it and your good! i love it!

  2. You know they make the 883 in a flat red from the factory im told.
    Booty Boyd

    1. Yeah... But that would require purchasing another head ache. Haha this cost me all of $20