Mar 22, 2012


We know its been unusually quiet around here lately. It's been hectic in the TLH camp for the last few weeks. It's for good reason, trust us. We've got some really great stuff coming up, features and interviews with Grim Cycle Salvage, Atlas Speed and Custom, Rob Thomas of Psycho Tattoo, and some other things that we're gonna keep under wraps for the time being.

Now on to some business...

Merch - If you ordered stuff from us, every last order has been filled and shipped. We did however run out of decals and stickers, if your ordered a hat or buttons or both, we went ahead and shipped your stuff short of the stickers. But don't worry, we kept your address on file and when we get these back in stock, they'll go out to you right away.

Speaking of merch... we have 6 hats left in stock, once they're gone, that's it. No more... unless you badger us to death about it. The next run is going to be a different design and a different color, we gotta keep things fresh. So snatch 'em up while there's a few left.

T-shirts are coming, its just taking longer than expected to get everything lined up, but hang tight.

Don't forget to mark your calendars for June 2nd at Big Daddy's Cycle in Gloucester, VA for our first annual get together to benefit CHKD. It's gonna be a lot of fun. Door prizes and raffles from good folks like Lowside Magazine, Lick's Cycles, Kundratic Customs, Silver Street Supply, Metro Skate Shop, Haifley Bros, Zombie Performance and more!

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