Apr 9, 2012


Mike, Jordan and our buddy Fraggle set out this past Saturday to snag some footage for a new video. We all accept a certain level of risk with riding motorcycles and driving our hot rods, and sometimes the Gods of The Road decide it's time to pay the toll. Some may never pay, some may pay little, and some may pay everything. Luckily for Fraggle, only a little was demanded.

Somehow Fraggle escaped with a few scratches and a sore ass. The bike fared just as well, bent handlebars and a banged up taillight. The Zombie Performance handlebars didn't even crack, they bent before and after the weld joint, yet another testament to Steffan's superior craftsmanship.


  1. thats insane, glad everybody is ok

  2. Glad injury and damage was down to a minimum.