Apr 23, 2012


This past weekend, as I'm sure many of you know, was Death Science's Revenge Run 3. We didn't pull off the full on run, but it was still a great time.

Friday morning we met up with Jeff and the Peanut City Geeks with their whole crowd. We made it to some BBQ joint in Kill Devil Hills around 2pm, debated nap time, then took off to meet up with the run. We found them at the Hot Tuna in Rodanthe. I'd guess in the neighborhood of 200 bikes sat there, waiting to be let free. After this, everything was a blur at 90mph at a time, until we hit the ferry to Ocracoke. This is one thing I hated. I like my stomach and my bike on dry land. Not rolling around on the water daring my lunch to come up.

Once on the island every one hauled it to the camp site, side by side, making one of the most glorious noises this planet has ever heard. We picked a spot, threw our tents up, then went in search for dinner. We found some pub that looked to be promising. You don't really have many options on an island. I like that. After dinner we gassed up and beer'd up and went back to camp. We then went to the party on the beach. The Death Science dudes gave away a ton of cool stuff. The rest if the night was spent hanging around the bonfire and enjoying the general lack of responsibility.

Saturday morning came early. The sound of a dozen bikes ripping it at 6am didn't help either. Tents were packed, breakfast was scarfed, and we were back on the ferry before I knew what was going on. After the ferry ride, we were back to open stretches of two lane roads. Back to the top of 5th gear. Fighting the wind, the sand, and the occasional tourist. I may or may not have topped out my sportster several times over. It was a fantastic bit of road. We went through Manteo Island, through alligator alley, heading back to home. But of course, we got side tracked more than once. Fraggle had a craving for fried frog legs at some food truck near Columbia. Then, Wes found a motocross track somewhere. The people there were awesome. Dude came out and showed us around, offered us food, drinks, showers... then told us about this star rider that we were watching, who has broken more bones than I care to imagine. It was awesome seeing these kids, and adults, throwing their bikes through the air.

As we neared home, that second wind came back around. I was coming through the Monitor-Merrimac tunnel hoping, that somehow, Newport News wouldn't be on the other side. I was hoping it would be something interesting. Something like the morning fog on Ocracoke, or the miles of swamp in alligator alley. But it wasn't. It was home. The shipyard and all it's glory. The people constantly wanting to run you down and not giving a second thought.

Thanks to Death Science for putting this on for everyone every year. Thanks to Jeff and the Geeks for letting us follow y'all around. Can't wait to do it all again next year. Check out even more photos here.





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