Aug 7, 2012


Jose's story is one that is echoed by many that end up on two wheels, or finding themselves jumping out of a perfectly good airplane or standing over the ledge of the Grand Canyon. Some major life event affords some unforeseen down-time to sit and reflect over one's life. It's that time away from all of the day-to-day distractions that can ultimately lead to some much needed clarity of thought and reflection, and in that time of reflection, that fire for life, that at some point was lost, is again reignited. And I believe that most, if not all that have gone through this process all have the same thing to say, "why did it take X event for me to finally take the plunge?" 

I could go on, but I'd rather let Jose tell his own story...

"So what can I say, At 43 years old I had a major heart attack. The doctor later told me he thought briefly that he might have to perform open heart surgery and do a by-pass. In the end he opted for a stint. I spent three days in the I.C.U. and was stuck at home for another 10 days. During my time off, I knew I had to get back on a motorcycle. I had not had a bike for 12 years; bills, kids and the ex liked their cash, large bills only.

So, I'm home for 10 days and start looking; the paper, craigslist, etc. At this point, I realize I could afford a sporty. I called a friend who had a stock 99' 883 that he punched out to a 1200, a week later it's in my garage. I spent the next two weeks taking everything off that didn't make her go. So, about a month after the heart attack I'm on the bike and a month after that, I gave up the payments on my pickup and I have been bike-only since. I'ts a weekly work commute of 400+ miles. That's 84 miles a day, five days a week. On the weekends I'll go camping or whatever, riding yet another couple hundred miles.

I would go through the same events in my life again, if I knew I would be where I am now. Like I've said before; I don't know anything about anything, but it doesn't have to be some crazy event to make a change. Make the change, just because man..."


  1. "I don't know anything about anything, but it doesn't have to be some crazy event to make a change. Make the change, just because man..."

    I love that.

  2. Yea, that's called a "mid-life crisis". Nothing wrong with it, but I'm guessing that 90% of all new Harley owners are in their 40's.

    1. I'm afraid the point was missed, the man endured a heart attack that got him thinking about what was important to him. No regular mid-life crisis results in ridding yourself of your daily in favor of a bike. You just end up with a Miata.

  3. I think you missed the point

  4. ive just now found out that i need to take some more time and look around. for a long time its just go go go and thats hard to get out of. Anything ya got to do to get out. "its not about the destination its about the ride getting there. " --by somebody smarter than me