Aug 13, 2012


Had a pretty chill weekend. For the most part.

Hung out with Hooked MC some. Drank cheap beer and watched Rob sand his new frame.

Then Sunday came around. For some reason I was feeling awfully adventurous. So that's what I set out to do.

Found this guy:

Found a lot of little bridges and roads that dead end in to swamps.

I didn't see another human for an hour or two after this. It was amazing running down these dirt roads.

I hit this hill 3 or 4 times. The four people that lived over there weren't to happy. Oh well.

I couldn't get enough of these dirt and mud roads. I needed more, man. Then I remembered there was a couple of muddy back alleys near this old abandoned industrial park. I then reverted to my 12 year old self. I thought my sportster was my old Haro Zippo. It wasn't. In my five minutes as an adventure rider I had made it through a couple of mud puddles and then I saw this monster. I was fairly confident I could power through it. Nope. Clearly, it won. Luckily Derek and his amazing wife Meredith were right around the corner to come help me drag me out.

Laugh if you want jerks, I had fun. Bikes were meant to be used and abused. No one ever said we had to grow up.

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