Sep 19, 2012


You know how it goes. You’re on your way home, you’ve got a tail light that’s on the fritz, you get pulled over for it and next thing you know, the popo’s slapped half a dozen other BS charges on you. They throw you in a room they call the “hole” that’s walls, ceiling and floor have been decorated with dookie and then they leave you there for 15 hours before they decide to process you so you can be bailed out. Now you’ve got to get an attorney and pay a ridiculous amount of money just to get rid of all the of BS charges. All because of a broken tail light that you were gonna fix tomorrow. This is exactly what happened to our pal Stogie Joe AKA Turner Twolane.

So, in the spirit of helping a friend in need, the fine folks at Hate City Customs are printing up some T-Shirts. Now, the shirts aren't on hand yet, by by pre-selling a few, we can get the ball rolling. Expect to see shirts finished within a couple of weeks, and those that pre-order now, will get a little extra in the box.

Shirts will be black only (for now) and available in Med through 2XL(again, for now)

For the low price of $20 shipped to your door. Not only do you get to help a fella’ out, but you get an awesome, limited edition chopper shirt

In the meantime, the awesome folks over at HateCityCustoms created a chipin page, so help a brother out by donating a few bucks and help spread the word!

You can click here and get a link to post on your own blog, website, etc.



  1. Just ordered one. Hope ol stogie joe there does alright. Fuckin cops. ACAB

  2. I'd like to buy one of them shirts. How do I do it since I can't see shipping cost added anywhere. I'm sure it's a bit more for me since I live in Finland.