Feb 13, 2012


Thank you. We really can't say that enough. Thank you for sharing this idea. For spreading the word about this wild bunch. For being part of our ever growing family. It's because of a faithful few that this fire started and we sure as hell don't plan on it going out. So here's to those that helped us get on our feet, and to those that are gonna run right along side of us.

From everyone at The Lost Highways, Thank you.



  1. You guys rock! Can't wait for your tshirt to come out:)

  2. I'll ride with you guys anyday.

  3. That picture of a shotgun wielding madman has inspired me...

    Anyone know where I can buy a shotgun scabbard for the bike?

    I may be the lowly video and computer savvy dude, but I love seeing all the support you guys send in to us. Can't wait 'till we can get more videos out to you all once it stops being winter...

    Now I need to find a shotgun holster and father winter... I'll be back in a few days.

  4. Hell yea!!! Ill ride with you guys any time any day any location!!! Give me a shout if you ever come to Miami, you have my info! Thanks guys!

  5. my buddy got his at Cheaperthandirt.com... its actually a shoulder holster but he rigged it just right to the outside of his fork... check it out bro!