Feb 15, 2012


Sorry we've neglected you fine folks. We usually have something fresh for your eyes by now, but we've been slammed busy with projects and getting stuff together for this site. We have some really REALLY awesome features in store, I can't wait to share them with you, but I don't want to spoil the surprise. The t-shirt  contest is really heating up, and we're trying to get everything in order to get some merch ordered. I'm stoked out of my mind about everything that's coming together.

Meanwhile, I've been in the garage the last three days thrashing, and being thrashed on by this grumpy old codger; my '62 Fairlane. I blew off work this week to rebuild the front suspension and convert the old sluggish drum brakes to disc brakes. I got suckered by an eBay swindler and my front end rebuild kit shows up too little too late, so bag that. Here are some teaser shots, I'll do a full tech post when I'm not so tired of brake parts that I wanna kill something...


  1. go out back and shoot something!!! that will get the rage out and clear your mind... youll be like a new man!

  2. Haha good idea. I'm saving all of my pent up anger for when I can take the Fairlane for drive. Look out granny, I'm gonna mow ya down.