Jun 15, 2012


My Wife and I took off this past Sunday to run some errands, but instead of just hitting the local chain stores we decided to take off west to Williamsburg to change things up and make a day out of what would have otherwise been a few hours of menial tasks.

We hit the Colonial Parkway for some gorgeous Virginia summer scenery, not to mention a break from interstate traffic. After exiting the Parkway, we found ourselves cruising through Colonial Williamsburg. We happened across some sort of fair in full swing on the historically significant Duke Of Gloucester Street.

Much to our approval, this fair also included an antique car show, check out some of the incredible autos on display...



Being a vintage speed enthusiast, by far my favorite auto was the vintage sprint car, luckily we just happened to be around when the owner was loading it on the trailer, and I caught a little bit of video of this cool little machine in motion...

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