Jun 25, 2012


Some people take their motorbikes to bike night. That's cool. Some take them on 9 hour rides rolling from state to state. That's even cooler. But some dudes go all out. They leave the ideas of danger and risk at home. Where they belong. They define the idea of "get lost".

Here is the story of a man named Johnathan. One of those crazy individuals that decides to live life to the max. 

This whole experience fascinated me. It's idea is foreign to me in every way. I wondered what I would consider essential if I took a similar trek. What would I have to have with me? So I asked Johnathan whats something he couldn't have done with out.

"I would really like to say thanks to Australian bike guys Dues Ex Machina for making such killer motorcycle gear. My jacket was assaulted by snow in Bolivia, the sand of the Atacama in Chile, golf ball sized bugs in the Amazon and while my other gear feel apart the jacket was perfect at looking after me (and the occasional local). I can't recommended them enough.

The item he couldn't go without was a piece of home. A leather jacket to most would seem typical. But when you cross that line of accessory to necessity, things take a whole new meaning. No matter what that might be. Johnathan, I can't thank you enough for allowing to re-post your story. I hope it inspires every person that reads it. To live life, take chances, and not to be held back by anything. Follow the link for the story after the last photo, hope you enjoy.

South America on a 150cc

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