Jul 13, 2012


We're all a bunch of regular, broke, working Joe's over here at The Lost Highways, and we understand that most other people are as well. It's always a bummer when you see a sweet t-shirt or some other merch from a company that you want to support only to find out that a shirt costs $30 and shipping is an extra $5. Well, we decided to do something about that... We're offering a deal on our gear that won't break the bank and will leave ya with a nice box full of goodies that'll have you shaking the post man's hand. For a mere $20 you'll get a t-shirt, coozie and a 6 pack of stickers shipped right to your front door (in the US) and you'll have enough scratch left over to afford some frosty beverages to utilize that new can cooler. So hit up the online store and order up! Live outside of the US? No problem, we're not afraid of filling out a customs form! There is just a small up-chrage to cover international shipping fees.

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