Jul 16, 2012


You remember that little Hot Rod magazine out of Modesto, California, Speed & Chrome Illustrated? Well, they’re back, no not in print but still in full color and this time with a sound track. After taking some time off…okay it’s been five years, has returned with their newest release the Eagle Field Drags DVD. Lance said “Producing a DVD has been something I have always wanted to do, even while I was producing the magazine, I am super passionate about film”.
Lance tells us that future DVD’s will be more like video versions of the magazine. “We developed a really strong following with the print magazine and I am looking forward to reconnecting with our fans”.
Speed & Chrome’s DVD covers the drag race event held at Eagle Field. For those who don’t know, Eagle Field is a WWII U.S. Army Air Corps training facility, or used to be during WWII. Today there is a small museum and a few military vehicles around the property. Three years ago Rocky Phillips had an idea, to bring together other like-minded Hot Rodder’s and recreate what was common place back in the 1950’s––racing on runways. Rocky’s idea spread like wild fire and now, three years later, thousands of people show up to race and watch what has become one of the most unique events in the world. The May event is spread over two days with the first day being called the Fresno Dragways and the second, Lions Drag Race, a homage if you will to those former race tracks.
What some have called an outlaw-racing event because it is done on a non NHRA sanctioned track, has become the place to run your vintage hot rod, muscle car or front engine dragster. Running on the eighth mile runway has its challenges. With no traction control allowed, you don’t know what will happen next, but that's what makes it fun right? Speed & Chrome’s DVD covers both days of racing and has a running time of approximately seventy-five minutes.
For those of us who were not around in the 50’s and early 60’s to experience this first hand, this is the second best thing. This is a great opportunity to see, feel and smell the nitro, hi-octane fuel and burnt rubber in the air, at a truly historical location. If you’re ready to see some great heads up, flag starter racing and bangin’ gears then this is your ticket. Look them up online at www.speednchrome.com and tell them The Lost Highways sent ya!

Check out the teaser here:

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