Jul 25, 2012


As things have grown for us here at The Lost Highways, it seems that a lot of people have many different opinions on what exactly we are, either a "brand", an apparel line, an e-zine, a club, a blog, etc. To be fair, we're all of that and none of that at the same time. It's easy to see why there is no clear cut answer to who we are or what we are, there's no defining words to our title, not The Lost Highways Clothing Co. or The Lost Highways Magazine, The Lost Highways MC, etc. But, that's why we don't have a defining characteristic to our name, we are just The Lost Highways. We are simply an idea.

We were born out of frustration of the current climate in motorcycling and hot rodding. Where the basic principles were lost in favor of sacrificing function over form in favor of having the right parts to impress the right people, but at the cost of being able to enjoy the ride or drive. A friend of mine always says "good function will lead to good form" and I couldn't agree more. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how good it looks sitting in your garage if you can't put the miles down. But still, this is besides the point.

The Lost Highways is making a few wrong turns and ending up somewhere incredible that you've never been before. The Lost Highways is that feeling in your right foot, as it gets heavier, rolling down that lonely stretch of highway that makes you drop it down a gear and punch it to the floor and not let off until everything is a blur. The Lost Highways is that moment of clarity when you're going down the road, motor wound out, when everything else fades away and the only care you have in the world is to keep rolling. That's getting lost, it's that point when work doesn't matter anymore, the stresses of home are a million miles away, money isn't an issue and you can breathe for once. THAT is what we are. THAT is the idea that is The Lost Highways.

Everything else.....


it's secondary.


  1. Good words Derek! Man, keep on doing what you love. And adding memories and friends along the way. Glenn

  2. "its not the destination, its the road getting there"