Jul 23, 2012


Our friend, Deb Fitch, took a nasty spill on her bike a little while back, and suffered some pretty severe injuries. In addition to being the Senior Photographer at Lowside Magazine, she is also a freelance photographer. Deb's living comes from being able to shoot the incredible pictures that she does. Needless to say, after sustaining such injuries it will be quite some time before she will be back to full speed, gracing us once again with the incredible images that only Deb can seem to get. Medical bills, lost wages, living expenses and everything in between, need to be supplemented in the meantime. Along with a host of other benefits and fundraisers, we want to toss our hat in the ring and do what we can to help. 

We came up with this limited edition, over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek t-shirt design that we are offering up, auction style, to the 10 highest bidders. We are going to print ONLY 10 of these shirts, made to order for the winning bidders.The highest 10 bids will each get one. ALL proceeds will go directly to the "Can't Keep Deb Fitch Down" recovery fund. Email your bid and shirt size to: thedudes@thelosthighways.com. Bidding closes at midnight THIS SUNDAY JULY 29th at 12 Midnight EST. You will be notified by the following Monday evening if you are a winning bidder and shirts will be printed after funds are received. Good luck and let's help Deb get back on two feet and two wheels.

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